Complete refurbishment of a flat on Aragón Street in Barcelona

The owner of a 115 m2 apartment, more than 40 years old, decided to change the interior layout of the house and modernize all the facilities, with special attention to the bathrooms, kitchen, closures in general and a considerable increase in energy efficiency.



Our work

Twemgi designed the interior layout of the new home and executed the work, which lasted 90 days. It is a “turnkey” project, with the intervention of an architect and an interior designer carrying out the integral project and monitoring.


As is usual in these cases it began by knocking over all the old interior walls, raising new ones with chalk slabs, lowering ceilings and making new flooring. All interior doors and also exterior doors and windows were replaced with high-performance PVC insulation. Finally, the two new bathrooms and the kitchen, open to the dining room, were built.