Reform of two bathrooms of one floor in Viladomat Street in Barcelona

Twemgi was in charge of modernizing two bathrooms (one of them very small) in a more than 40 years old building, using the latest materials and resources available on the market: shower with chrome-therapy, toilets with compressed air emptying, etc.



Our work

Twemgi designed the renovation of the two bathrooms using the latest technology available. It was especially difficult to achieve a functional and pleasant space in the smaller of the two.


First the small bathroom was overturned and completely refurbished. When this bathroom became operational again, work was carried out on the main bathroom. Interestingly, it was much more difficult to create a useful and pleasant space in the small bathroom than in the main bathroom. The lack of space made it very difficult to combine the shower tray, sink and toilet. In the end, a glass separation in the middle of this space was a good solution.