ITC Packaging Group-Hispack 2018 (Barcelona)

ITC PACKAGING GROUP is a company from Alicante specialized in manufacturing all types of food, pharmaceutical and other packaging.




Our work

In this case, the idea was to design an open space where the largest possible amount of products manufactured by this company could be shown. In general, they were very small objects and had to be grouped according to the material and the sector for which they were intended.

Hexagonal display bases were designed, recalling the company’s logo. Each base had a double-sided light box and was dedicated to a specific sector (pharmacy, cosmetics, food, etc. ). A closing wall was also used to install built-in boxes with glass shelves.


This stand was not too large (about 60 m2) and the space had to be distributed very precisely, as apart from the hexagon exhibitors there was a warehouse, a bar and a semi-closed area for meetings. This closure was made with methacrylate plates with a translucent coating following the corporate colours of the firm.