Faustino Rivero-Alimentaria 2012 (Barcelona)

FAUSTINO RIVERO is one of the oldest and largest wineries in La Rioja. Since 2012, he has trusted our company to design and build all the trade fair stands of its different brands. Twemgi has accompanied this important client to all the fairs of the sector that are held in Spain and Europe for more than eight years without interruption (Barcelona, Ciudad Real, Bordeaux, Düsseldorf, etc. ).



Web: www.marquesdelatrio.com

Our work

For the Alimentaria 2012 fair, a central space was designed with a large number of meeting tables and a large number of bottles of wine, grouped by wine-growing areas and labels, in the total perimeter of the exhibition. Methacrylate bases were manufactured with interior light in different colours and a whole system of zenithal lights that highlighted the uniqueness of each bottle. The stand had a bar and tasting area.


Despite not being a very large space (about 100 m2) it took eight days of work and a team of nine people to build and assemble the stand. A wide variety of materials were combined: wood, steel, glass, methacrylate, textile canvases, plant decoration, etc.