La Maquinista shopping centre (Barcelona)

The company DMARA manufactures and distributes clothes and accessories. It currently has six stores between its own stores and franchises, spread throughout the Spanish territory. The first of its stores is located in the La Maquinista shopping centre.




Our work

TWEMGI was responsible for the design of the space, furniture design, lighting and signage. The general lines were also created, which were collected in a style guide in order to export the design of this first store or flagship store to any other space.

TWEMGI was also responsible for site management and quality control.


Numerous working meetings were held with the client until the final project was completed. Prototypes of all the furniture and displays were also manufactured to validate or apply the latest modifications before series production. With the finished project, the production phase was moved to the production phase, which was extended to 45 days for this first implementation.