MPG Offices (Torre Barcelona)

MPG, Barcelona-based shipping company changed their old offices and was installed in the Tower Colon, just in front of the port. Now their new offices occupy a much larger than the old space and it is on the eighth floor of the tower.


MPG Tránsitos S.A.


Our work

TWEMGI designed the interior of the new facilities layout. The inner divisions were first demolished and raised new divisions through glass walls. Changed all the paving, lighting, electrical installations in general and all the new furniture was provided. The works of this reform and adaptation lasted for 60 days, in spring of the year 2016.


As usual in these cases was demolished through out the interior of the former offices and created new spaces and divisions, including the bathrooms, office-dinner room, boardroom, management offices, etc. It is a large space that occupies an entire floor of this iconic building. In the new offices of the MPG Logistics work forty people in total.