Hard Rock Café-Fitur (2015)

HARD ROCK CAFÉ has entrusted us with the design and construction of different small format stands, of approximately 25 m2. Always with the intention of making these spaces clearly resemble a cafeteria of the chain. With these stands Hard Rock Café has attended several national and foreign fairs always following the same line and criteria and using very high quality materials.



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Our work

On this occasion, a 24 m2 space was designed with a curved central ceiling with a large central orifice from which decorative luminaires were hung to illuminate the bar. This point lighting was complemented by rocket projectors attached to a truss structure. The bar was made of solid wood and was reused in several assemblies.


Hard Rock Café tries to give its stands the look, in a very small format, of one of its cafés. Hard Rock Café attends a large number of fairs, always with spaces between 25 and 35 m2. These are small and easily accessible spaces, where the utmost importance is given to the materials used and their superior quality in the same way as in their establishments.